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Southwest Tow Operators was formed in 2006 to unite towers in Texas and the southwest.  STO was organized to reach out to the many towing companies that are not members of a professional trade association.

Our goal is to improve the industry by:

  • Educating our members on changes to industry regulations and rules
  • Providing an environment for knowledge-sharing and networking
  • Providing member benefits, such as State Certification Testing discounts and supplier discounts
  • Seek Long Lasting Benefit Programs 
  • Implement a State Legislative Political Action Plan that will protect the towing and VSF industries from bad or ill advised laws and support beneficial laws and rules.
  • Bring Local issues to a front so that towers can better handle city and county governments, law enforcement, and public image
  • Deploy and Support a mass media campaign that will bring a positive image to the towing and VSF industries
  • Assist in creating and supporting every level of professional development that will allow the Towing and VSF industries to one day be Self-Regulated
  • Keeping the annual dues affordable for all companies
  • Reach out to the Neighboring States to develop equally beneficial & innovative programs for Texas Towers

South Padre Island, TX

Professional Accreditation & Memberships

The South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the quality of life and economy of the Island so that all areas of the business community and its residents shall prosper. Emphasis will be given to participation in the formation of Town strategies, education & development of the workforce, coordination and support of Town and tourism efforts and the establishment of partnerships with the communities of the Laguna Madre Area and the Rio Grande Valley.